Working with Gracie has been and will continue to be an exhilarating experience.  Thanks to her, I have cut 7,000 words of information that created a drag on my novel’s pacing and hurt my characterization.  Then, her patient guidance enabled me to refill that gap with material that pushes the novel forward, enhances the characterization, and develops the themes I am trying to create.  Gracie’s professionalism, compassionate understanding, and analytic excellence ensures that the quality of my writing is strengthened without sacrificing my voice or style.  She respects my storytelling methods and wants to improve and hone on how I write, not change how I write.  Therefore, I am inclined to trust her recommendations.  The times when I did not want to accept her edits, she assisted me in seeing how to develop other parts of my novel in order to keep the questioned sections.  Finally, Gracie’s editing has assisted me with my own editing methods, strengthening my work in my writers’ group and in my English classes.  She is an asset, a joy, and a friend.

~Heather on the editing of her literary novel


I sent Gracie the first draft of my novel and asked for her help with characterization, plot, and pacing–and she delivered! Gracie’s comments and overall review of the content demonstrated the changes I needed to make and why, while still respecting my voice as a writer. She’s really easy to work with, keeping everything low-stress and clearly caring about her clients. I would recommend her to any writer who was to truly better his or her craft, and would definitely come to her with my writing needs again.

~Christina on the editing of her new adult novel


Gracie’s knowledge and guidance has been truly invaluable. Her comments and notes nail the issues that I need to address. Her suggestions for global revisions have highlighted the strengths of my novel and focused my efforts in a very efficient manner, thus saving me an enormous amount of time and energy. As a first time author, this was a crucial step. I needed to know exactly what was working and what wasn’t and she provided a thorough critique but always with an encouraging demeanor.  Her services have been a vital step in this process and will undoubtedly lead to a successful outcome.

~Andrea on the editing of her middle-grade YA novel